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Sun Mar 24 18:33:16 UTC 2019 initial testing run.... i think it should work ok.... a mix of shell scripts with imagemagick gotta make many improvements to make but its a start Sun Mar 24 07:25:08 UTC 2019 pi-hole - 21.03.2019 notation and such... * against a hostile web in general a sense of _get_away_from_it_ it=fb/ig/twit/ all of it. in part due to - Zuboff warns that principles of self-determination might be forfeited due to "ignorance, learned helplessness , inattention, inconvenience, habituation, or drift" and states that "we tend to rely on mental models, vocabularies, and tools distilled from past catastrophes", referring to the twentieth century's totalitarian nightmares or the monopolistic predations of Gilded Age capitalism, with countermeasures that have been developed to fight those earlier threats not being sufficient or even appropriate to meet the novel challenges. * NECKBEARD DEATHCAMP ________________ *