Weekend Warriors Return


Sun Jul 14 17:25:32 UTC 2019 photos from the end of the week. counting this as post #1 on the yet renovated once more website. website remade in a cleaner pile of .sh files, so much scripting, lets have a snippet #!/bin/bash echo "feed me a url" read -r url wget -qO- "$url" | tr \" \\n | grep https\*:// |grep jpg |grep -v "...x..."> urls.txt cat urls.txt |sed 's/https:\/\/cryptodrunks.net\/~nathan\//\/home\/nathan\/public_html\//g' > local_files.txt .... and on and on it has gone... this a bit from a new one which converts my old staticified wordpress page into this mess. i am not good at this, but its like a video game somehow, one which is obscenely difficult and yet you cannot stop attempting to win at, xcom2, but just text and errors. but the content here has been rehashed and piled up from the debris of the prior websites. and more such rehashment can soon occur with the 'tools' i have hobbled together with bash... some credits: bash - bourne again shell is love debian - always holding it together cryptodrunks.net - hosting imagemagick - command line image editing cause batch processing is the best vim - editor