local files dont mean a thing


--------------------------------------------------------------------- | Sat Sep 14 18:23:59 CEST 2019 --------------------------------------------------------------------- | what have we here for y'all this week. or this update. | in general. i forget what i have and have not put here. | so "frank plan b2 (wwIII-null/void)" has been re-added and | perhaps to the work section, i dont know as i type this. but | perhaps i will go that far. --------------------------------------------------------------------- | as well null_06. or so i think it is in the series. | i scanned it, the scan is very fresh and therefore may have not | settled yet so it kinda looks like shit, that said it might be | the content of the scan and not the current state of it. --------------------------------------------------------------------- | and of course a bunch of studio shots of random shit. --------------------------------------------------------------------- IF U IN BERLIN - OPEN STUDIO 21.09.19 - EMAIL MEE --------------------------------------------------------------------- frank_plan-b2-web-dt1.jpg frank_plan-b2-web-dt2.jpg frank_plan-b2-web.jpg img_20190816_185406.jpg img_20190824_205214.jpg img_20190824_205235.jpg img_20190901_124252.jpg img_20190905_134615.jpg img_20190914_105727.jpg img_20190914_105743.jpg img_20190914_105754.jpg img_20190914_105833.jpg img_20190914_105843.jpg img_20190914_105900.jpg img_20190914_105906.jpg img_20190914_105917.jpg img_20190914_105925.jpg img_20190914_105931.jpg img_20190914_105943.jpg img_20190914_105954.jpg index_a.jpg new_avatar.jpg null_06-web-dt1.jpg null_06-web-dt2.jpg null_06-web.jpg